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Towards an Intelligent Platform for Big 3d Geospatial Data Management

Preprint published in 2018 by N. Mazroob Semnani, P. Kuper, M. Breunig, M. Al-Doori
This paper is available in a repository.
This paper is available in a repository.

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The use of intelligent technologies within 3D geospatial data analysis and management will decidedly open the door towards efficiency, cost transparency, and on-time schedules in planning processes. Furthermore, the mission of smart cities as a future option of urban development can lead to an environment that provides high-quality life along stable structures. However, neither geospatial information systems nor building information modelling systems seem to be well prepared for this new development. After a review of current approaches and a discussion of their limitations we present our approach on the way to an intelligent platform for the management and analysis of big 3D geospatial data focusing on infrastructure projects such as metro or railway tracks planning. three challenges are presented focusing on the management of big geospatial data with existing geo-database management systems, the integration of heterogeneous data, and the 3D visualization for database query formulation and query results. The approach for the development of a platform for big geospatial data analysis is discussed. Finally, we give an outlook on our future research supporting intelligent 3D city applications in the United Arab Emirates.

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