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Integration of Tree Database Derived From Satellite Imagery and Lidar Point Cloud Data

Preprint published in 2018 by S. C. Liew, X. Huang, E. S. Lin, C. Shi, A. T. K. Yee, A. Tandon
This paper is available in a repository.
This paper is available in a repository.

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3D tree database provides essential information of tree species abundance, spatial distribution and tree height for forest mapping, sustainable urban planning and 3D city modelling. Fusion of passive optical satellite imagery and active Lidar data can potentially be exploited for operational forest inventory. However, such fusion requires very high geometric accuracy for both data sets. This paper proposes an approach for 3D tree information extracted from passive and active data integrating into existing tree database by effectively using geometric information of satellite camera model and laser scanner scanning geometry. The paper also presents the individual methods for tree crown identification and delineation from satellite images and lidar point cloud data respectively, the geometric correction of tree position from tree top to tree base. The ground truth accuracy assessment for the tree extracted is also present.

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